Bountiful Harvest Community Garden

Our community garden is not only a place to grow vegetables in your own raised bed or in the community garden, our garden is also designed to be a welcoming destination for the community. The garden is home to many fruit trees and berry bushes. The grounds will include a walking track around the garden along with a shelter, picnic tables and benches. The Bountiful Harvest Community Garden is indeed a place for the West End Community to come together!

Community Garden Update

After countless hours of help from the community and volunteers, we are happy to share....

  • 20 fruit-bearing trees and bushes have been planted to include apple, cherry, pear trees and blueberry bushes.
  • 19 personal community raised beds have been planted with a large variety of vegetables to include squash, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, watermelons, swiss chard, carrots, herbs, beans, okra, and more.
  • A large "in ground" section of the garden was planted with various vegetables that will be open to the community as well.
  • Park benches are placed throughout the garden area.
  • Community support continues to grow. Now that residents of the West End can see the "life" in the garden, there is a sense of excitement and recognition that the Bountiful Harvest Community Garden is a real asset to the community.